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His speech and language skills grew slowly during the first 3–4 years following implantation, very rapidly from about 5 through 7 years postimplantation, then slowed to rates that were highly similar to same-age peers with normal hearing.The sociocultural analysis revealed that the child's communicative competence improved; that he used sign language but use of sign language decreased as his oral communication skills improved; that as his oral communication skills improved, the adults talked and directed the topic of conversation less frequently; and that topics became less concrete and more personal over time.

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I realize I'm late to this discussion, but when I click on the URL supplied in the original post ( ) all that happens is that a random video's URL opens in a new tab or window.

The target child was one of the first children to receive a cochlear implant in the United States in 1988, when he was 5 years of age.

The developmental analysis revealed that prior to receiving a cochlear implant the child demonstrated profound delays in speech and language skill development.

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