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The actual story - not that you'll want to hear it - is that Leo has had an "Entourage"-style setup at his house (up on the famous Hollywood Hills "bird streets"), and has for years had several of his friends living there. Leo's getting older and getting over the need to have his "pussy posse" around all the time, so he's kicking everyone out. If I were Leo, I wouldn't have kicked Lukas out because he probably has been the witness to a lot of what has gone on in Leo's life.

He could retaliate, and Leo would be shunned professionally and personally even by Martin Scorsese.

In most of the photos with his "girlfriends", he always looks bored and uninterested.AKA Natalie Hershlag Born: 9-Jun-1981Birthplace: Jerusalem, Israel Gender: Female Religion: Jewish Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Black Swan Natalie Portman uses her grandmother's maiden name as her professional name, so that her family can retain a semblance of privacy. She got into trouble as a young child at school for telling her classmates that her father -- a fertility expert -- made ladies pregnant for a living.She was born in Jerusalem and moved to America at age three, living briefly in Washington D. She became a vegetarian at age eight, when she accompanied him to a medical conference and she saw a chicken used as a demonstration of laser surgery. A lot of relationships break down at the 7 year mark.Is there any long running cute gay couple in Hollywood at all?

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Weeks before that it was 24-year-old Instagram star Roxy Horner on Leo’s arm, and recently the toxic bachelor was reportedly wooing 19-year-old model Chelsey Weimar. Rihanna, Kelly Rohrbach, Erin Heatherton, Toni Garrn–hell, you name a model, and we’d safely bet she’s linked with Di Caprio. In the slideshow ahead we’ve rounded up every woman Leo’s dated, may have dated, and probably didn’t date (but we all wildly speculated about anyway).

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